July 26, 2021



Holy Eucharist


10:30 a.m. Sunday

      (Nursery provided)

10:00 a.m. Wednesday


Christian Formation

   9:00 a.m. Sunday 

     Adult Formation  


Our Parish Community

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Christ Church

2543 US Highway 21 South

PO Box 1866
Sparta, North Carolina 28675

Office:  336.372.7983


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Mission and Purpose:

At Christ Church we seek to stir our awareness of opportunities for
evangelism in our everyday lives.  YES, the big “E” word, Evangelism.
This doesn't come naturally for Episcopalians, as we tend to be more
reserved when talking about our faith.  We are called by Jesus to “Go
therefore and make disciples”.  We see all around us a hungry world,
people searching for love.  We know that our joy stands ready to
respond proclaiming the Good News of God's passionate love of all

We see evangelism not as an institutional program, but as our
individual experiences within our families, our community and the
world.  God has set before each one of us a pilgrimage with unique
interactions along the road.  Our parish and its programs become a
place that supports and strengthens us as committed pilgrims. Our
practice of evangelism is a spiritual practice in cooperation with the
Holy Spirit.  We are learning to tell our stories, naming the source of
our gratitude and wonder as a natural response to God's love.  We are
learning to engage in meaningful conversations with others finding and
naming the Holy in their lives, reminding them of who they are in
God's eyes.

Functional Areas:

  • Public Relations
  • Parish newsletters
  • Website oversight
  • Welcome and follow-up as needed with visitors
  • New member gift bags
  • Infrmation about christ Church asnd the Episcopal Church to visitors of other faiths]
  • Provide "Opportunities to help and get inolved" inforamttion to newcomers
  • Parish growth committee