February 19, 2019



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Christ Church

2543 US Highway 21 South

PO Box 1866
Sparta, North Carolina 28675

Office:  336.372.7983

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                 Christ Episcopal Church Memorial Garden

                                  Sparta, North Carolina

                              Application for Burial Space




Name of Purchaser:_______________________________________________________


Address:   Street: ________________________________________________________  


                 City:   ___________________________State: ____________ Zip:_________


Telephone:  Home______________________ Office:____________________________


Burial Space Request:


_____________ 1.  In-ground interment of ashes                              Lot #  __________

                                 (specify single or double)

_____________  2. Inurnment of cremains in Columbarium             Niche No. _______    

                                 (specify single or double)

_____________  3. Scattering of ashes in Memorial Garden


Burial Space For:




Birthdate:___________________ Date of Death:________________


(If this is a double interment or inurnment)



Birthdate:___________________ Date of Death:________________



The undersigned applicant acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Policies and Regulations established by the Vestry of Christ Episcopal Church and agrees that acceptance of this application and issuance of a certificate of purchase shall be subject to those Policies and Regulations and any subsequent amendments thereto.



Signature of Applicant


Payment Received: $________  by Check No.___________ on ____/____/____. 


Certificate of Purchase Issued:   _____/_____/______